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Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel construction points

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1. Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel decoration design occupies a very important position in home decoration, generally used in the living room, living room and master bedroom.

Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel

Usually, the background wall of the living room and the living room often consider the combination with TV and stereo, which is also the need of modern life. The decorative design of Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel can add the finishing touch to the decoration style of the entire home, as well as the cultural taste of the owner of the home.

2. It should be considered when making: If it is a wall-mounted TV, Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel should be reserved (installed with pre-embedded pendants or strong base) and enough sockets (recommendation: buried a thicker PVC Tube, all wires can pass through this tube to the TV cabinet below (DVD cable, closed cable, VGA cable, etc.).

Consider the width of the living room: the best distance between human eyes and the TV is 3.5 times the size of the TV, so don't make the TV wall too thick, resulting in a small living room.

3. Consider the position of the sofa. After the position of the sofa is determined, determine the position of the TV, and then determine the shape of the Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel by the size of the TV.

Consider the echo of the lighting above the TV: the TV wall generally echoes the partial ceiling on the top surface, and there are generally lights on the ceiling, so consider the wall shape and the lighting to echo, and also consider not irradiating the TV with strong light to avoid watching Eye fatigue during the show.

4. When the woodworker is doing Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel, look at the air conditioner socket. Don't seal the air conditioner socket. If you want to seal it, move the socket out.

In addition, during the construction of the Calacatta Aurora Back Ground Wall Panel, the thickness of the floor tiles and the height of the skirting line should be taken into account to coordinate the various shapes. If the skirting line is not designed, the installation of the panel and gypsum board should be constructed on the floor tiles. After that, to prevent moisture.