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What color cabinet door panel is equipped with Black-Based Quartz Stone Slab

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The kitchen layout of Black-Based Quartz Stone Slab gives people a cool feeling. Such a unique and dark-colored kitchen design has a simple sense of luxury.


Black-Based Quartz Stone SlabThe semi-open kitchen design should reasonably solve the problem of oil smoke leakage. The owner adopts a large suction T-type direct suction range hood to solve this problem. Black-Based Quartz Stone Slab is very resistant to dirt, which can reduce the frequency of cleaning. With dark gray quartz countertops and light coffee cabinet door panels, the entire kitchen space forms a modern and luxurious style layout.


The kitchen layout with contrasting colors like Black-Based Quartz Stone Slab also carries some modern, simple and fashionable atmosphere in its stability. The floor of the kitchen is paved with black golden flower microcrystalline stone tiles, which is not only convenient for cleaning in the future, but also very resistant to dirt. The kitchen sink is installed on the side close to the window, so that the space inside the kitchen can be fully utilized.